Overview of Machine Learning

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Ridiculous text generated by a bot

What is machine learning?

  • Essentially, these are computer programs which improve from experience over time.
  • It is a subfield of artificial intelligence.
  • But, artificial intelligence involves learning. Yes, things are blurry.
ChatGPT revelaed - really Clippy

Alternate view?


Example of Machine Learning

  • DALL-e (open source)
    • Blog post describing this tool
    • GitHub (if you want to install it yourself)

DALL-e interface

Example generated by DALL-e showing elephant riding a skateboard while typing on a laptop

Simplified (text generation)

Simplified Text and more

Using Simplified to write a blog post
Simplified title choices
Simplified blog title and intro
Note different introductions
Blog Writer Outline
Simplified article writer

Blog Writer Results

Keep in mind, only a few keywords were provided. The rest was all generated by AI (and Machine Learning).

How does all this actually work?

  • Relatively simple example using JavaScript
  • Keep in mind this example has over 141K lines of JS code
  • The ML code to make DALL-e and Simplified work has a much larger core library
  • These are offered for free as they want more learning to happen (you are paying with your data)
TensorFlow.org – JavaScript library

  • Include script tag (relying on CDN)
  • <script src=”https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@tensorflow/tfjs@2.0.0/dist/tf.min.js”></script>
  • I provide a slightly modified working example we will discuss.
  • Alternate approach (npm with yarn)
  • Built on ml5.js library

Tensor Flow example

Practical application

Just one example – this uses “facial recognition” AI to identify individual whales. For example, the tail flukes are visible (and photographed) just before a humpback whale does a deep dive.


https://happywhale.com/individual/77272;enc=335720 (one I photographed may be new to science)

Uses of AI and machine learning – let’s discuss

ChatGPT after dealing with humans

Overview of Machine Learning

Mark DuBois