WordPress Plugins

Mark DuBois


Another discussion!


WordPress fundamentals (20 minutes)
  • What is a plugin?
  • Why are they needed?
  • Plugins of interest

Advanced WordPress (40 minutes)

  • Your first plugin
  • Testing and deploying
  • Your second plugin

Discussion (practical tips and techniques)

What is a plugin?

WP Plugin Repository

Plugins – choose wisely

  • Do you really need it (bloat/ performance/ security)
  • Has it been updated recently?
  • Reviews?
  • Compatibility with current WP
WordFence Plugin Description in WP Plugin Repository

Which plugins initially?

  • Security (WordFence?)
  • Backup (UpDraft Plus?)
  • SEO (Yoast?)
  • Forms (WPForms?)
  • Mail (WP Mail SMTP?)

What else?

  • About to begin building our first plugin(s).
  • Questions/ comments/ arguments?

Our first plugin

  • Typically written in PHP (with HTML, CSS)
  • Can’t just add PHP code directly (security risks)
  • “Hooks” into WordPress
  • Create zip archive for uploading

VS code (or online) – https://vscode.dev/

VS Code view with numbered items for explanation


Plugin Testing/ Deploying

Installing uploaded Plugin

Activate the plugin

Plugin 1 working - displays follow us message


Single page plugin

Two plugins activated and working

Give some thought to proper naming and descriptions.

Single page now pulls data from another site (inline frame)

Plugin 2 working - inline frame pulling data from another website


WordPress plugin fundamentals
  • What they are and why they are needed

Your first WordPress plugins

  • Single post based plugin
  • Single page based plugin

Discussion (practical tips/ techniques/ SSL questions)

WordPress Plugins

Mark DuBois


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